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Probiotic Supplements and The Breastfeeding Infant – Why Not

Here are 4 and a bit reasons to pause the probiotic prescription pad. There certainly are a plethora of probiotic products marketed for infants – but should we give these to the exclusively-breastfed infant? Here are 4 and a bit reasons to pause and reconsider prescribing probiotics directly to the exclusively- or predominantly-breastfed infant under 6 months.   Reason […]

Probiotics Cause SIBO and Brain Fog – Really?!

Brain fog

I’ve been meaning to critique this study for some months. With the bulk of my teaching done for the year (and my grading), I’ve finally found some time to have a good look at this study linking probiotic use and brain fog: Rao SSC, Rehman A, Yu S, et al. Brain Fogginess, Gas and Bloating: […]

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