Probiotic Advisor will revolutionize your use of probiotics.

When you prescribe natural medicines, such as vitamins, minerals, or herbal medicines, you don’t make the assumption that because vitamins C, B12, A and D are all vitamins they are, therefore, used in the same way. Or that zinc, iron, and magnesium are all minerals that can be used interchangeably to treat the same conditions.

Vitamins, minerals, and herbs are classes of therapeutic agents. The class tells you what these agents are and that they share some commonalities, but obviously different agents within that class have different actions and treat different conditions.

It is the same with probiotics. Probiotics are a class of therapeutic agent and individual strains within this class have different actions and treat different conditions. And as you know by now, even strains within the same species can have different attributes, qualities, and actions; and no strain will be the ideal agent for every clinical scenario.

So how do you know which strain is best to use in a specific condition?

Where can you find that strain?bacteria

What if a patient is taking a particular probiotic supplement and is asking your advice whether it is the best one for them? Or you’re browsing the probiotic range at the local pharmacy or healthfood shop and want to know what a specific product is useful for.

To answer each of these questions accurately requires a considerable amount of time and effort – searching the medical literature, searching product catalogs or online to find the details on strain content, and sometimes even contacting the company in question when they do not provide those details on their label or promotional materials.

Probiotic Advisor has done this hard work for you…

We’ve assessed hundreds of probiotic preparations from companies throughout Australia, Canada and the US to work out what strains their probiotic products contain.

We’ve done exhaustive searches through the medical literature to locate and summarize the research conducted on these strains. So you’ll know what their clinical uses are.

And we’ve compiled all of this information in the Probiotic Advisor – making it easy and quick to find.

The Probiotic Advisor is a tool unlike any other. It is a comprehensive, searchable  database that includes:
• hundreds of probiotic preparations available in Australia, Canada, and the US;
• the strains of bacteria contained in these supplements; and
• the research that has been done on these strains.

Using Probiotic Advisors‘ intuitive search function, you can now easily determine:
• the probiotic strain, or combination of strains, with the best evidence to treat dozens of health conditions;
• which products contain that strain(s) and in what amounts; and
• the clinical applications of specific probiotic products.

Probiotic Advisor provides unbiased, independent, evidence-based information to help guide your use of probiotics.

We receive no industry-funding, do not accept ads on our website, do not retail probiotic preparations, and rely solely on subscriptions to the Advisor to fund our activities.

Probiotic Advisor is updated regularly to ensure you’re receiving practice-changing research as it gets published.